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Art for Animals

January 4th, 2015

Art for Animals!

The daughter's of American artist Avonelle Kelsey (1931-2009) are donating 100% of their mother's art print sales to Hundehilfe Thailand for the entire year of 2015.

A Global Fundraiser
As part of the Fine Art America/ network any artwork ordered form the Avonelle Kelsey online art galley can be produced & shipped in most any part of the world, including Europe, Asia and North & South America. Absolutely all the profits from any fine art prints (canvas, acrylic, metal prints...), as well as, greeting cards, cell phone cases, pillow covers - absolutely all print merchandise purchased via the website will be deposited directly to Hundehilfe Thailand through December 31, 2015.
Be it one painting sold or 100,000 ALL profits will be donated!

Who & Why
One of Avonelle Kelsey's daughters, Nola Lee Kelsey, lives in Thailand and is a regular Hundehilfe volunteer. A zoologist and the author of guidebooks about global volunteer travel programs, Nola is a self-proclaimed dog addict and big believer in the need for worldwide spay/neuter programs. The other daughter, August, spent many years as a competitive dressage equestrian and is the founder/CEO of Cheval International. As a result of her passion for horses, she has collected (horded) a large number of horse art images by the her mother. August immediately wanted to included her unique equine collection in the fundraising project when she heard Nola's idea to donate all the sales proceeds.

The Artist
Avonelle Kelsey was a prolific and diverse artist/poet/art teacher for over 50 years. Her paintings are now in private collections all over the world. You can read Avonelle's complete bio on her gallery website. If you enjoy art please browse the gallery and remember it all goes to Hundehilfe Thailand. Share with others if you like what you see.
The artist online gallery can be seen at:

Other Donation Options
Of course you are still always invited to donate directly to Hundehilfe Thailand. This is just a fun addition to our normal fundraising efforts!
To donate directly simply visit our donation page:

Thank you
However you choose to donate, thank you from Avonelle's daughters, Hundehilfe Thailand and the many dogs Hundehilfe will help throughout this wonderful new year!

Random Acts of Avonelle #1

September 10th, 2014

During a recent trip back to the States I got into some old portfolios of Avonelle's grabbed from her gallery before they emptied the building. Many had not been open for years. Some were form the 1960s-70s. Another had a collection of watercolors, like this, from classroom demos which she just would paint up very quickly, yet they are quit lovely. FYI: Avonelle taught art, creative writing & ceramics for Mira Cost Community College at Oceanside, California's Senior Center for many years.

Nola Lee Kelsey
The Keeper of the Art

Facebook Page for the late Avonelle Kelsey

September 7th, 2014

Facebook Page for the late Avonelle Kelsey

The Avonelle Kelsey Gallery on Facebook has just been set up and features the paintings, sculptures and mixed media artwork of the late Avonelle Kelsey (1931-2009). In addition to displaying the artistís work along with that of her friends, family member and the many students she inspired over the years this site is used to help promote art prints and merchandise by Kelsey and her daughter Nola Lee Kelsey. Any resulting sales will help finance the climate controlled storage housing several hundreds of works by Avonelle that were still in her art gallery at the time of her passing and slated to be sent to the dump. Please join, show your support and feel free to display any of Avonelle's artwork you may have in your personal collections.

I (Nola) would especially like to encourage Avonelle's former art students to show off some of their own work inspired by my mom or share stories of your adventure with her.

Facebook Page: