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Sisters Make Year Long Pledge Of Art For Animals

January 4th, 2015

Sisters Make Year Long Pledge Of Art For Animals

Art for Animals!

The daughter's of American artist Avonelle Kelsey (1931-2009) are donating 100% of their mother's art print sales to Hundehilfe Thailand for the entire year of 2015.

A Global Fundraiser
As part of the Fine Art America/ network any artwork ordered form the Avonelle Kelsey online art galley can be produced & shipped in most any part of the world, including Europe, Asia and North & South America. Absolutely all the profits from any fine art prints (canvas, acrylic, metal prints...), as well as, greeting cards, cell phone cases, pillow covers - absolutely all print merchandise purchased via the website will be deposited directly to Hundehilfe Thailand through December 31, 2015.

Be it one painting sold or 100,000 ALL profits will be donated!

Who & Why
One of Avonelle Kelsey's daughters, Nola Lee Kelsey, lives in Thailand and is a regular Hundehilfe volunteer. A zoologist and the author of guidebooks about global...